List of HP Printer Error Codes with Proper Solution

The newbie doesn’t know anything about the electronics equipment and the errors. The people just read the user manual and start using the device without actually learning about the device. That’s why, when the device like a Printer throws the error codes, people begin to panic. The case is not different with the HP printers. Being one of the most popular brands in the market, there are millions of people who use the HP printers in their home and office.

HP Printer Error Codes ListThe HP Printers are also prone to the errors and technical issue, which the user encounters as the HP printer error.

The printers with the digital screen show the HP Printer error codes and ask the users to fix that error for proper functioning.

In this post, we are going to share HP printer error code list, which you can refer and find the meaning and reasons behind that specific error code.

HP Printer Error Codes List with Easy Solution

Many people face the HP 49 Service error on their printers and get panicked. There is nothing to panic as the printer is asking the users to fix the error shown on the screen. Here, we are sharing the complete list of some HP Printer errors code list, which you can refer and fix the mistake within a few minutes.

Error Code 10 – Supplies Memory Error

Reason – Issue with the Toner and Cartridge module.

Solution – Try to Reset your Printer or Manually Reassemble the Toner and Cartridge.

Error Code 11 – Paper Out Error

Reason – No Paper in Paper Tray or the Damaged Paper Tray

Solution – Insert the appropriately sized papers or check for the Paper Tray Damages.

Error Code 14 – No EP Cartridge

Reason – No Cartridge installed in the Printer or Damaged Cartridge.

Solution – Try Resetting the Printer first. Later, check for the damaged cartridge and replace it to fix the problem.

Error Code 20, 21, 24 & 24 – Memory Overflow

Reason – More printing tasks than the allowed capacity.

Solution – Clear the Printing Queue and then print documents one by one instead of sending all at once.

Error Code 41 – Printer Engine Error

Reason – The Printer Engine Software/Firmware crashed

Solution – Turn OFF the printer for a few minutes and then Restart it to fix the issue.

Error Code 49 HP Service Error 49

Reason – Issue arises due to Cabling or Hardware Issues.

Solution – Check Printer cabling for proper connections. Then manually inspect for hardware damages for cables and the ports. Fix immediately if found.

Error Code 59 – Printer Motor Error

Reason – Problems detected with the main motor, fuser motor, image drum motor, ETC motor.

Solution – Restart the Printer or replace the motors if necessary.

Error Code 69 – Duplexer Error

Reason – Technical Issues with the Duplexer unit which performs the double-sided prints.

Solution – Check for any internal issues with Duplexer or Replace the unit if necessary.

How to Fix Hp Printer Error Code oxc4eb827f?

There are many printer error codes that you could encounter. But you should know how to fix the complicated errors like the Error code oxc4eb827f. Here are the steps to correct the same mistake.

  1. First, turn OFF the printer, Wi-Fi router and also the computer.
  2. Now, disconnect the Power cords from the printer for safety reasons.
  3. After disconnecting, open the Printing assembly and remove the Printer Cartridge and Printer Memory.
  4. Clean the trash if there is any in the printer assembly. Also, clean the cartridge for any residue trash.
  5. Plug the Power cord and reassemble the Cartridge and the Memory card.
  6. Close the assembly and turn on the Printer, Computer and the Wi-Fi router (if using Wireless setup).
  7. Send test printing job to the Printer and see if the issue arises or not. Mostly, the issue won’t popup again on the computer.

Final Words

See? This is how you can apply the step by step solutions for fixing the different HP printer error codes. You are going to get the same step by step guidance from the HP printer tech support staff to fix the problem immediately. If you are facing any of the mentioned error codes on the computer, then ask HP printer support for an immediate fix and follow solutions provided by the support staff.

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