July 6, 2020

3 Ways to Catch Your Audience with a Killer Headline

If you’re fond of reading tabloids and Page Sixes, the first thing that you will see is not an interesting topic, but a captivating headline. Yes, even if the story is about an unknown couple’s love story or some issue you’re not interested in, you’ll still spend a few seconds going through it just because the headline made you do so.

The same phenomenon is aspired by almost every sales copywriter. They want their audiences to make their heads turn and go through their sales copies right away, and they can only do this by using a killer headline.

However, coming up with an attention-grabbing headline is not easy. It actually requires not just talent and skill, but thorough research. Hence, as a sales copywriter, you should know how to come up with headlines that gather audiences together and turn them into paying, loyal customers.

  1. Put them into your shoes.

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A classic but still effective way to catch an audience is by putting them in a situation that you’re “in.” Make them believe that you are sharing your woes and frustrations. This way, they can not only relate to you, but also feel that they suffer the same thing and that they need to have this resolved right away.

For instance, you are selling a treatment for the balding scalp. You can use a headline that describes how devastated you are with your bald spot, which your target audience experiences as well. See:

“For many years I’ve watched my hair fall off and go bald. I’ve done everything to make my hair grow back but to no avail… until…”

Get them curious as to how you got over the misery of balding. With their curiosity triggered, the more they’ll go through your copy.

  1. Know what they want, and how fast they need it.

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Humans are naturally impatient. They want to get things done asap. Hence, if you are selling them a product or service, you have to promise to deliver it as swiftly as you can.

Why do beauty products and weight loss supplements sell like hotcakes? It’s not because they are effective; rather, they are projected to produce results in just a few days! Who doesn’t want to lose weight or achieve flawless skin in just 7 days?

Write a headline that speaks of urgency and speed. Doing so catches your audience’s attention, and the more inclined are they to try your product out.

  1. Speak about convenience.


Lastly, when writing a headline, you also have to stress convenience. Make it a point to project your headline that it promotes the words “free” and “easy,” as these words help get your readers’ attention right away.

People always want to get the best value for money, and they won’t spend over something they’re not guaranteed to reap more than what they paid for. So yes, by saying that they’re getting an extra bottle of your weight loss supplement for free, or that they can enjoy losing weight with one easy step, the more excited they become in buying your offer.


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